Mask Saver Lanyard

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**Please note***
The first round of these mask saver lanyards will come with a unattached breakaway piece that can be added to the lanyard. Second round will come with this piece attached.
Whether or not your kids will be going back to school, they will be wearing a mask somewhere sometime. And YOU most certainly will be wearing a mask as it is mandated in many places! 

⁉️Where in the heck will that mask go when they are eating lunch? 🥤 When they get a drink? Or how about when you are at a restaurant!? Orin betweenn stops where you have to wear a mask? How annoying is it to have to take off your mask and set it aside? On a 🦠 germy restaurant bench 🪑 ? Or crammed in your 👜 pocket/purse? Well sistas and brothas.. no longer!
Wear these 😷 mask lanyards AND send your kid to school with a mask lanyard. And trust, your life will be changed!
And you wont have to replace ost masks at school, play etc... bonus!
Get them to match your school colors, your work colors, or just your kids fave colors!